It's been a while since I finished my Leia Dress but since Corona forces me to stay at home I have time to show you a collection of the patterns and materials that I used for this project. I am not looking for a rebel legion approval, so a few parts may be off of the original dress.

Here are the pattern links that I used:

Dress Pattern by Jen Eyre:

Belt Pattern by Jordan West:

Here is a list of the materials that I used:


My choice for the fabric was not true to the original one but I wanted to use fabrics that I already got stocked home - cosplay is a expensive hobby you know! So my dress is out of a polyester fabric but I would recommend to go with a jersey for your dress.


Aluminium Sheet 0,8 mm for the flat metal pieces:

For the round metal pieces: (long waiting period)

For the belt itself i used a white faux leather that I already got home. I think you can use any type of leather, as long as it doesn't have any heavy texture.


The shoes were delieverd very fast and they are very comfortable but to thight around the calves. I just cut it a few centimeters apart and closed the edges with my sewing machine.


I am lucky enough to have brown hair like Carrie Fisher did so I only have to use extensions. I kid you not - I did not expected that making this hairstyle would be so difficult. I can honestly only suggest to go through the different Youtube Tutorials and choose which one is the best for you. These are the extensions that I am using:

Also a very awesome game changer for styling your hair are these spiral bobby pins. You just screw a few of them into your buns and the hair is fixed. I love them so much.

I am finally ready again to start with a new cosplay project for myself which is the from Avengers Endgame. Since there are still not many reference pictures out there I screenshoted every scene with my laptop. Here is my whole collection of it.

I also highly recommend to take a look at the Hot Toys Collection. They are very detailed and help me with details that are not shown in these screenshots.