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Today I would like to talk with you about a topic, that is very important to me: Failure!

In 2016 I have started to make my own cosplays. In the meantime, I have made about nine cosplay. Each of those cosplays are made with different materials. It was either an Armor cosplay out of Worbla or some sewing projects. Currently I am working on my Kassandra Cosplay from Assasin’s Creed. My very first piece for this cosplay was the breastplate and it turned out to be a huge failure. It was the first time that I made such a big piece out of EVA Foam. This is still a material that is very new to me and it was actually the first time that I made a fully closed breastplate at all. The breastplate turned out too short, which is why the detailing had no more space and unfortunately I realised this after many, many hours of work that I have spent on it already. I was so close on giving up and just to begin with another and much easier cosplay - with materials that I am familiar with. But one thought kept me from doing this. Here comes a short story that happened to me at my work space and that keeps me motivated when failing:

I am at this office for a year now and when I was for about six months there, I worked on a project that was really challenging for me. One day I made a huge mistake that took some big consequences with it and I felt so dumb for it. I was so depressed for the next few days and cried my eyes out every time I got home. I was so ashamed and pretty sure that my boss is going to fire me for this very soon. So, a few days later, my boss called me to his office and I thought: “This is it! He is going to fire me.” As I sat there, very nervous about the whole situation, he started to talk and still remember how surprised I was about the words that came out of his mouth. He wasn’t going to fire me – the opposite happened. He praised my work and even told me that he is going to increase my salary. My head was like: “WHAAAAAAT?” I told him, that I was confused because of that mistake that I made and he just told me, that I don’t have to worry about it. He told me, that he saw it coming since I have never done something like that before. And there it was:

How was I supposed to know? I have never done it before!

These are two sentences that I always remember ever since and that keeps me going every time I struggle with something new. I am telling you all of this because I know a lot of people and I know it from myself, that we are too afraid to take new challenges because we are afraid of failure. But failure is natural and is a part of the process. I can guarantee you, that EVERY cosplayer you envy for their talent for, has made huge mistakes and probably even more than you ever will. But here is the important part: They never gave up. They have learned from their mistakes, got their experience out of it and make it better ever since. Just ask yourself: What if everyone stopped trying the first time they failed?

What I am trying to say is: Don’t be afraid of new challenges. Don’t be afraid to fail. I can guarantee you, you will make a lot of mistakes in your life and you will probably make the same mistakes again. But that’s okay. You are learning and learning new things takes a while. But this should not hold you back from exploring news things. Make that damn cosplay you always wanted to.

You will fail and then you will win!

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