• Sasa


My next Cosplay on my To-Do list is a Slytherin Quidditch Player.

I'm going to visit a Potter-Event in Solingen next year. Since I already have a Hogwarts school uniform I have decided that I want to make a Qudditch cosplay for that event. As a prop I have planned to build a Nimubs 2001 for myself and also a Nimbus 2000 for my friend Nicole, who is also attending this event with me.

I have no worries about the sewing part of that cosplay. I have made a school uniform for me and my friends previously, I just need to change the colours. The armor part shouldn't be a problem either. I will make the patterns by myself and if they turn out good I will upload them here with instructions. :)

The only part I'm worried about a bit is the Nimbus - I don't have the right tools for that which means that I will have to improvise a lot. Wish me luck!

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